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Sunday Worship





There is more happening here than meets the eye.

Something special happens when we gather for worship. God is among us — speaking to us, changing us, reminding us of his unfathomable love. It’s our hopeful expectation that we leave here more in love with Him and more like Him than when we arrived. 

Only His Gospel has the power to do this. It's the “good news” of how God rescued his fallen creation from sin through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Weary, broken, weak, anxious, sinful — the God of grace invites us to bring all of our mess to Him so that we He can give us the forgiveness and healing we desperately need.

The Gospel changes everything! It’s the reason why we do this church thing. And we hope that you notice it’s at the center of what you see and hear on Sundays:

We Sing songs to connect our hearts with God’s truth.

We Confess our sin and brokenness to a God whose deepest desire is to run to us with forgiveness and healing.


We Listen to the story, promises, and instruction that God gives us in His Word (i.e. The Bible). 

We Receive a weekly reminder in the gift of Communion that we have been forgiven and belong to God.

We Respond to the salvation God has given us freely by offering our whole lives to Him. 

We Give from a heart of gratitude to support the mission of God and His Church both locally and throughout the world.

We Go from here to be living witnesses of the Gospel to our community.

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